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Stikk Gel - Super Sticky Gel Pads - Reusable, Washable | MULTI-USE | for Home, Travel & Office


  • AS SEEN ON KICKSTARTER. Stikk Gel Pads are unique double sided gel adhesive pads, available in a variety of sizes and shapes that can manage many different jobs. A long-lasting alternative to blu-tack, our specialised gel recipe makes Stikk Gel Pads the best all round gel adhesive pads on the market!
  • THOUSANDS OF USES - NO OILY MARKS. Strong, sticky, durable, massively reusable and washable. Stikk Gel Pads will change the way you store and stick everyday items! Stikk your phone/SatNav to your car dashboard or temporarily hang pictures and posters and more. The possibilities are limitless. See our idea generator for more ideas.
  • NO DAMAGE. NO RESIDUE. Stikk Gel is made from injection moulded Poly AB glue plastic to create a material which is non-toxic, strong, flexible, sticky and reusable, without being too hard, gluey or too soft like some competitors products. Try it for yourself - Stikk Gel is unique in its Stikkiness! 
  • STIKK GEL DOTS measure 1cm x 0.3cm (0.3" x 0.1"). Each pack contains 10 individual Stikk Gel DOTS Pads.
  • STIKK GEL MINI's measure 3.8cm x 3.1cm x 0.3cm (1.5” x 1.2” x 0.1”). Each pack contains 4 individual Stikk Gel MINI Pads.
  • STIKK GEL QUADS measure 7.6cm x 6.2cm x 0.3cm (3” x 2.5” x 0.1”). Each pack contains 4 individual Stikk Gel QUADS Pads.
  • STIKK GEL PADS CAN HOLD UP TO 1KG on non-porous, clean surfaces like painted surfaces, glass, metal, etc. Want to hold heavier items? Just use more Stikk Gel Pads! 
  • STIKK GEL SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. At Stikk Gel we’re confident you’ll love your new Stikk Gel Pads but as with most products Stikk Gel does have its limitations. Please check the product description and usage instructions for tips on how to get the most out of your Stikk Gel Pads.