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How to use Stikk Gel Pads

using stikk

Using Stikk

Using Stikk is very easy. First choose a surface that is smooth and clean. Avoid using Stikk on old wallpaper, porous or rough surfaces or wet surfaces. Then simply wipe clean the surface and object you wish to stick, making sure all dust, dirt and grime are wiped away. To apply Stikk, remove the plastic cover on one side, place that side onto the object or wall first, then remove the second cover on the other side and press the object to the wall etc. When removing Stikk, to avoid damage to the object and surface that you are sticking to, and to make sure your Stikk pad lasts a long time, we advise using a Twist Then Pull method. This will reduce the chances of the unlikely event your Stikk pad may damage a surface, object or itself. Simply twist the object that is being stuck to the surface while pulling outward. This is the easiest and safest way to remove Stikk. 

While Stikk is very strong and durable, we advise caution when using Stikk. You must use common sense. If you are wanting to stick an iPad or Tablet to a wall for example, using two or more Stikk pads will ensure security and strength. Environmental situations can play a part in the effectiveness of a Stikk pad. We would advise using two pads, especially on a larger object or more precious item. Please also keep in mind that not all surfaces are equal. Some, like glass or polished surfaces, will work with Stikk better than say, an old plaster wall. Be careful and if you have any doubts, test the surface before hand, use more pads or find another surface to stick to.

The great thing about Stikk is that it is reusable. Every time Stikk is removed and reused it can lose its stickiness and get dirty as dust, dirt and other contaminants get stuck to it. All you have to do to get your Stikk Gel pad back to brand new is rinse it under warm water and massage. Just run some warm water and hold the Stikk pad under the stream while lightly massaging it, this will help remove stubborn dirt and dust. Then, once clean, simply leave to air dry on the top of the tap for 10 - 15 min. We suggest not using a towel or drying the washed Stikk pad in any way other than air drying, to make sure that it regains its strength.

Terms of Use 

Use Stikk with common sense. Do not overload Stikk or use it with heavy objects. The heavier the object, or the more expensive or precious the object, the more Stikk pads you should use to safely hold your object to the surface. Use common sense and judgement when choosing a surface to stick your Stikk pad to, not all surfaces will have the same strength capabilities as others and the same goes with materials of the objects you want to stick. Stikk and any related persons or groups are not liable in any way for any damage to your belongings, surfaces or self when using Stikk. To avoid damage to any surfaces or objects please make sure to ‘Twist and Pull’ when removing. This will help avoid damage on weaker surfaces. 

While Stikk Bands can hold up to 2 kg (4.4 lbs) on smooth clean surfaces in ideal conditions, across the product range Stikk's Ideal Weight Range per Stikk Pad is: 250g (10oz) - 350g (12.5oz). While Stikk can hold much more than this, we DO NOT recommend a single pad hold any more than this. Not all surfaces and objects stick to Stikk the same way and environmental conditions, chemicals and oils on surfaces and objects and other factors can all effect the strength and effectiveness of Stikk. So please use good judgement and common sense before using Stikk. If you are using expensive items, we suggest using two or more Stikk pads, just incase the surface you are sticking to is less than ideal, this will help to reduce the risk of the unlikely occurrence of Stikk coming loose. We stress that Stikk will eventually lose its sticky characteristics due to dust and dirt, so be sure to wash your Stikk pad(s) regularly to avoid damage and ensure a long life. 

Should you receive your Stikk Pad in less than perfect condition, you may contact us or the store you bought it from for a free replacement or refund (minus P/H). We cannot give returns or refunds due to change of mind, misuse, damaged items due to misuse or damage to products used with Stikk or any other reason other than your Stikk arriving in a condition that will prevent you from using it.