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About Stikk

reusable adhesives

Stikk are unique removable double-sided reusable adhesive gel pads that will temporarily stick most things to clean surfaces. Stikk can be washed and reused over 200 times. And it won't damage the surfaces you stick it to. Our gel recipe makes Stikk the best all round gel adhesive pad on the market. Strong, sticky, durable, massively reusable and washable, Stikk will change the way to store and use everyday items.

On smooth clean surfaces one single Stikk pad can normally hold up to 1 kg (2.2 lbs). Want to hold heavier items? Just use more Stikk Pads.

Stikk Pads come in a choice of sizes to suit all kinds of jobs. Stikk is made from injection moulded Poly AB glue Plastic to create a material which is strong, flexible, sticky and reusable, without being too hard, gluey or too soft like some competitors products. Stikk can be pulled out to three to four times its size and it will return to its original size every time.

Using Stikk

Stikk is an all round great product for solving many everyday issues. Its also incredibly durable and will not damage your wall, painted surfaces or car dash board. But as with most products, Stikk does have its limitations and we will explain these and tips on how you can avoid damaging your Stikk or objects and surfaces you use to Stikk with.

Sticking and removing Stikk from an object or surface

To avoid damage to the object and surface that you are sticking to, and to make sure your Stikk pad lasts a long time, we advise using a Twist Then Pull method, as seen in our video. This will reduce the chances of the unlikely event your Stikk pad may damage a surface, object or itself.


Stikk works great in almost all temperates, high or low without changing the way it sticks. We do however advise that you reduce usage in extreme temperatures either low or high. For example we would advise that you DO NOT use stick in temperatures bellow -16C (0F) or above 62C (150F). What this means is that Stikk will work in your hot car out in the sun in MOST PLACES in the world and will work outdoors in the cold in MOST cold places. But we advise you use caution in extreme temperatures. Stikk will not melt in high temperatures, but its effectiveness may change.


While Stikk is very strong and very durable, we advise caution when using stick. You must use common sense. If you are wanting to stick an iPad or Tablet to a wall for example to watch a film, then using multiple Stikk pads is advisable. Environmental situations can play a part in the effectiveness of a Stikk pad. If you live in a hot humid place for example, the surface may be more moist than you think, which will reduce the power of Stikk, so we would advise using two pads, especially on a larger object.  


As a rule of thumb, the smoother and shinier the surface, the better Stikk with hold. Stikk can be very strong on some surfaces while on others it can be very weak, again we advise you use common sense to avoid injury and damage to the objects and surfaces on which you want to hold. 


The great thing about Stikk is that it is reusable. But every time Stikk is removed and reused it can lose its stickiness and get dirty as dust, dirt and other contaminants get stuck to it. But all you have to do to get your Stikk Gel pad back to its original glory is rinse it under warm water. Just run some warm water and hold the Stikk pad under the stream while lightly massaging it, this will help remove and stubborn dirt and dust. Then, once clean, simply leave to air dry on the top of the tap. We suggest not using a towel or drying the washed Stikk pad in anyway other than air drying, to make sure that it regains its strength.

We stress that unless Stikk is washed regularly after being removed from surfaces, Stikk will eventually lose its sticky characteristics due to dust and dirt build up. To avoid this, be sure to wash your Stikk pad(s) regularly to avoid damage and ensure a long life. We also stress that although Stikk is strong, these figures are found in ideal household conditions. If you are using expensive items, we suggest using two or more Stikk pads, just incase the surface you are sticking to is less than ideal, this will help to reduce the risk of the unlikely occurrence of Stikk coming loose. 

Download the Stikk Data Sheet for more detailed information: