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Stikk Bundle (Quads, Discs and Bands) 10 Gel Pads

$27.00 $18.00

Reusable Adhesive Gel Pads
Stikk Bundle is our multi value pack for all your needs comprising:

  • 1 x Quads Black 4 Pack
  • 1 x Discs Black 4 Pack
  • 1 x Bands Black 2 Pack
That is 10 Gel Pads in total for just $18 (value $27). A saving of 33%!

Stikk are unique double-sided reusable adhesive gel pads that will stick anything to everything. Stikk can be washed and reused over 200 times. And it won't damage the surfaces you stick to.

Our gel recipe makes Stikk the best all round gel adhesive pad on the market. Strong, sticky, durable, massively reusable and washable, Stikk will change the way to store and use everyday items. 

On smooth clean surfaces one single Stikk Bands pad can normally hold up to 2kg (4.4lb). Want to hold heavier items? Just use more Stikk Pads.

Stikk Quads measure 76 mm x 63 mm x 3 mm (3 Inches x 2.5 Inches x 0.1 Inches) and come in a Pack of 4.

Stikk Discs measure 80 mm x 3 mm (3.25 inches x 0.1 inches) and come in a Pack of 4.

Stikk Bands measure 130 mm x 55 mm x 3.5 mm (5.125 inches x 2.19 inches x 0.14 inches) and come in a Pack of 2.

Stikk is made from injection moulded Poly AB glue Plastic to create a material which is strong, flexible, sticky and reusable, without being too hard, gluey or too soft like some competitors products.

Stikk can be pulled out to three to four times its size and it will return to its original size every time.